Boom! New Tunes A-Coming!

Hello there!

Yes you heard that right – we’ve finally finished all the tweaks and touches on those new recordings and although Mr Dextrous is away for a while on the continent, we are gonna let these bad boys loose!

The first single from our ‘Enforcer EP’ will be creeping up on your ears within the month but we hope to release the full EP by February. We’re currently trying to sort out artwork, videos and distribution and as we are totally independent, we’d appreciate any artists, video editors or distributors who are willing to help, to get in touch asap via email ( or our Facebook account.

We are also putting together an awesome mix-tape of all the tunes that have inspired and entertained us during the writing and recording of these new songs. We feel as though we’re really pushing and exploring the 70s ‘rogue cop’ genre with this EP, and we’re not afraid to show it! So until ‘Mr. G’ hits the world wide web, here are a few pics of us in the studio – keep it funky folks!


Recording Horns1 Drums1 Outer FIngersmiths5 Aled and Phi Jim4 Backing vocals1GoodfastcheapP.S. All our tunes are now in one place on youtube – so click HERE!


Recording time!

Hello there my furry friends!
The time has come to get these super new tunes recorded once and for all! Anyone who had the chance to catch us over the last month or so will have heard what we’ve been cooking up for you and now is the time to get it all set in stone. This ties in with our lead singer heading East for a while (literally this time – to Europe) and the Fingersmiths evolving into a brand spanking new being – keep your eye on the web for updates. Meanwhile, Dexter’s final EP, tentatively titled ‘Silver Tongue’, is in the process of being made over the next few days – once we’ve worked our magic and given it to some super-production geezers to master and fine-tune, we’ll let you hear it.
So until then… Enjoy your autumnal colours and we’ll catch you on the flip side! :)

P.S. Check out our last EP in the links below!

BOOM! Devil Drives EP Out now!!

That’s right! Our latest EP is OUT NOW!

The ‘Devil Drives’ EP includes last year’s single, Devil Drives as well as F.L.A.C.S, Funkilepsy and Diabolica – all for your listening pleasure!

Available at all good independent record shops (in Leeds.)

Also available on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes! (Bandcamp is our preferred seller but choose your own favourite as it suits you!)

Limited edition physical copies hand printed by döts printhaus.

“Funky maximum blues-ridden indie bop that WILL make you race around the room to it’s rhythmic riot” – Jumbo Records

• Buy the EP online here:

• Stream the EP here:

Cheeky little delight…

Just a little one this week. Our mates down in Bristol, Mad Apple Circus, have a lovely fresh ska sound and I just wanted to share it with you as the weekend begins.. Summers coming people. Mother Nature is preparing it all for you and personally… I can’t wait!

Delightfully sunny Easter-times!

Hello there – Dexter and the gang have been off writing new songs and learning new things so we may have fallen behind a little on the delights over the last week – BUT FEAR NOT! We will keep you updated on our movements.. in fact, pretty soon, you’ll be finding Dexter’s newest EP available all over the internet.. but first! A DELIGHT!

The Soul Circle Gang have played a few gigs with Dexter and the Fingersmiths in the past and they have been going from strength to strength as their music has grown and progressed with more and more excellent musicians joining the gang. This is their newest video, Fresh Fruit. Juicy.

6th Delight!

Hello there friends. Apologies for the slightly belated nature of this delight. Rumpus distracted us massively from our usual Friday internet frolicking as we had to hot-tail it down to London to get covered from head to toe in glitter. It was very shiny. Massive thanks to the crew at Rumpus – we had an awesome night of fun and frolicks.. some mind-bending outfits and people all over the place.. and it was great fun playing with ‘Perhaps Contraption’ who are Dexter’s Delight for last week – well played guys! – extra kudos to the sousaphone player who had to keep himself low in case of banging his instrument on the low stage ceiling!

Delight Number 5!

All-righty then! I almost forgot to mention – as well as tonight in Newcastle, tomorrow in Edinburgh and next weekend in London, we’re also playing a local gig at Smokestack in Leeds on Wednesday – April 2nd – any northerners who aren’t too busy on a Wednesday evening, please pop down as we probably won’t be playing Leeds again until September.

Dexter’s delight for this week is one of our favourite ever bands – we went to see them together last year at The Hifi Club in Leeds (supported by the excellent Lazy Habits) where they (almost literally) blew us all away. They got a lot of attention after doing a few kick-ass covers but their original stuff has always been on our playlists while on tour for the last few years. This particular tune is an instrumental but you must check out some of their more hip-hoppy tunes if you get a chance – this is Youngblood Brass Band:

Well, Good-day there squire!

Is Spring upon you yet? Can you smell the daffodils and taste the sweet nectar of pollen in the air? Are your bones finally thawing out and unclenching after the months of cold? Is the ice in your heart finally melting into little pools of happiness to welcome another new year of new life, renewal and breath-taking and limitless potential?

No, me neither. BUT we are going to be playing some awesome gigs to get everyone shaking their asses and sweating their be-jesuses off so that should turn up the heat like Satan’s stoker! This weekend we have the Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle on Friday evening (that’s the 28th for those of you without your calenders open) followed swiftly by a Twisted Circus at the Mash House in Edinburgh on Saturday where we shall be supporting the wonderful Victorian Trout Conspiracy!

But next weekend… next weekend, we’ll be down in London town for the incredible spectacular that is RUMPUS - an incredible, Shiny, indoor festival-type extravaganza! So if you’re anywhere near the South of England on April 4th, get yourself a ticket right here, right now before they sell out!

 In the meantime, why don’t you check out our listening page? We’ve put our most recent EP up there and you may not have heard all those songs before.. we’ve got a load of other new ones to wrap your ears round at these upcoming gigs and we wouldn’t want you to fall behind……

Delight Number 4! News!

It’s the weekend again! :D Dexter and the boys are dusting off our 1920s gear and heading on down to play a nice little private party in Leeds this evening, but we’re massively looking forward to playing the Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle this time next week!

So we have a new delight for you all – it’s a little different from our previous delights but still epic, clever and has a brilliant beat. These guys are based in Australia and have been making their own version of the news for quite a while – Rap News. Juice media recently started up their 2nd series with an even bigger budget and it’s looking like its going to be the 21st century’s most intelligent and thoughtful news show yet, but with epic beats!! This particular report has a guest weather forecast from Sage Francis which is just sublime… Enjoy!

The Winds of Change

It is with heavy heart and trembling lips that we say farewell to our Trombone player, Joe Rogers. Our gig at Wharf Chambers in Leeds next Friday will be the last show Joe will play with us, as commitments elsewhere have meant that he can no longer commit the necessary time and energy to the band. It’s the end of an era and we’re all a bit sad…….. :(


So in order to try and cheer us up, we present a video from a mental trio based in Berlin – The Dirty Honkers. Dexter and the brass boys were lucky enough to meet these crazy honkers last weekend and their show is INCREDIBLE! Check them out.